Losers & Underdogs

21st September 2017. Last Tuesday we dropped our painted biker jacket to the Underdog Gallery, because this weekend there is an event called ‘Losers & Underdogs’ featuring The Losers MC.  Beginning tomorrow Friday (22nd Sept), The Underdog will be celebrating the culture of motorbikes, featuring biker art, bike start ups, unusual motorbikes, live music, djs, films, craft … Continue reading Losers & Underdogs

Exit this way… (which way?)

10th September 2017. Sadly it’s time to pack away the ‘seaside’ and the summer for this season. With help from friends we dismantled the beach hut and ‘carnival funny-face For Sale’ sign and loaded it all in the van. It was strange to see Elements Gallery looking empty (not for too long though, as a … Continue reading Exit this way… (which way?)