Prints and #Pennydrops in Stantons

7th November 2017. Last Friday I popped to Stantons to drop off a new penny print after finding a suitable spot locally to do another pennydrop. Whilst chatting to Stantons’ customers, a lady came in and announced that she had ‘found it’ (the penny). Much to the disappointment of the man sat next to me, who was toying with the idea of retrieving the penny, as he recognised the area where it was photographed. Good job I had some penny stickers with me, the next best thing?

I really like meeting the people that go out looking for the #pennydrops and I especially like it when they are happy to be photographed with the penny they find!



Print in stand

Thes are our new Gocco penny prints, available to buy at Stantons. Four colours (including a metallic gold) printed on Somerset Velvet cotton stock, 16cms x 16cms.


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