New exhibition at Stantons

2nd October 2017. We’ve been invited to exhibit our diftwood signs and framed #pennydrops from the ‘Wish You Weren’t Here?’ residency in a cafe-gallery called Stantons.

In the photo you can see Colin and James (Stantons owners and coffee loving baristas) along with Jason, hanging the work. Stantons is situated in Bush Hill Park, Enfield.


I know the area very well because I lived up the road as a teenager, it’s a nice feeling being back all these years later. My teenage self wouldn’t have imagined that mine and my future partner’s artwork would be exhibited in a venue on the parade of shops I walked past everyday as a youngster. So, although I’ve not been gone from the area for quite the five decades, our painted sign ‘Be Back In 5 Decades’ feels rather apt!

Stantons really do love and know their coffee, so if coffee is your thing and you’d like to see our work up close, do pop in. The exhibition will run for the month of October, plus we will be doing #pennydrops in the local area as part of #FreeArtFriday.

Stantons, 7, Queen Anne’s place, Bush Hill Park, Enfield (just by Bush Hill Park Station).


BAD ASS Bush Hill Park 1024




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