It’s only Rock n Roll but we like it

28th September 2017. Last Friday evening we headed over to The Underdog Gallery in Bermondsey for the start of the The Losers MC three day event called Losers & Underdogs. Incorporating biker art, motorcycles, live music, craft beer, tea and food.

The Underdog Gallery looked amazing, bedecked with motorcycling paraphernalia. The bikers were dressed to impress in their leathers and fifties gear, bikes that couldn’t fit inside the gallery were lined up outside in the street. Every so often someone would start up a Norton or a Harley and the roar was deafening.

Our leather painted jacket was displayed up on the wall and underneath sat Sammy’s (owner of The Underdog) ‘lid’, sprayed matt black and painted with 1Shot enamels.  We were given carte blanche, so we painted the Bruce Forsyth catchphrase ‘Nice To See You, To See You Nice’.

Since it was #FreeArtFriday, the evening wouldn’t be complete without us doing  #pennydrops. So, we placed one of our hand-painted pennies not too far from The Underdog Gallery, keeping with the biker theme it says ‘Quaint Bikers Assoc’. We wait to see if anyone contacts us to say they’ve found it… finders keepers.



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