Exit this way… (which way?)

10th September 2017. Sadly it’s time to pack away the ‘seaside’ and the summer for this season. With help from friends we dismantled the beach hut and ‘carnival funny-face For Sale’ sign and loaded it all in the van. It was strange to see Elements Gallery looking empty (not for too long though, as a new artist will move in for the next residency soonish).

We’ve had a really interesting and super-busy time over the last nine months. The residency has gone very, very well. It’s totally full-on and requires discipline with deadlines met, but it has been so worth it. We’re really pleased with our body of work produced. It’s said that you’re meant to learn, develop and challenge yourself during a residency, and we‘ve certainly done that! We did run out of time to do some things, such as the art workshops, but we couldn’t fit it all in and some things had to give.

You can view a short clip of the ‘Wish You Weren’t Here?’ residency here.

Some of the work we’ve created is being exhibited at other venues and information about these events will be posted here as well as on our social media feeds.

It’s goodbye to Elements Gallery for now, but it’s not goodbye from the blog as we have more photos to post!





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