Leaving So Soon? Event night

Photo by Alessandra Falbo/Janina Merten

8th September 2017. This evening we held our final residency event at Elements Gallery. ‘Leaving So Soon?’ was the concluding part to our three month summer stay, bringing our fictional seaside to the city.

We had a fabulous evening! Lots of people came along, it was buzzing. It was great to see and experience the positive reaction towards our artwork, in particular the signs and #pennydrops in the ‘Penny Arcade’. We couldn’t let the evening go without doing a #pennydrop, there was much excitement with guests hunting around the outside of the gallery in the hope of being lucky! Did someone find it? Well, I think I’ll save that answer for another post 🙂


The following photos are used with kind permission from Alessandra Falbo and Janina Merten.




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