Time’s Up

20th November 2017. Last Wednesday was the last day of our ‘Leaving So Soon?’ exhibition at Stantons in Bush Hill Park, Enfield. We’ve had a fun few weeks there meeting and chatting with the customers. There’s quite a community in EN1, some of which go hunting for #pennydrops now! We hope to exhibit there again … Continue reading Time’s Up


Coffee and #Pennydrops in Stantons, Bush Hill Park, Enfield

10 October 2017. Last Friday I spent a cracking morning at the wonderful Stantons, a cafe-gallery based in Bush Hill Park, Enfield. Before I headed for the refreshments, there was the business of #pennydrops placing in the local area. After strolling for a bit, I found a good spot to leave the penny... it’s not … Continue reading Coffee and #Pennydrops in Stantons, Bush Hill Park, Enfield

It’s only Rock n Roll but we like it

28th September 2017. Last Friday evening we headed over to The Underdog Gallery in Bermondsey for the start of the The Losers MC three day event called Losers & Underdogs. Incorporating biker art, motorcycles, live music, craft beer, tea and food. The Underdog Gallery looked amazing, bedecked with motorcycling paraphernalia. The bikers were dressed to impress … Continue reading It’s only Rock n Roll but we like it

Losers & Underdogs

21st September 2017. Last Tuesday we dropped our painted biker jacket to the Underdog Gallery, because this weekend there is an event called ‘Losers & Underdogs’ featuring The Losers MC.  Beginning tomorrow Friday (22nd Sept), The Underdog will be celebrating the culture of motorbikes, featuring biker art, bike start ups, unusual motorbikes, live music, djs, films, craft … Continue reading Losers & Underdogs