Hand-Painted Pennies

21st August 2017. As part of our Mods & Rockers summer party we painted comic book onomatopoeia lettering on some pennies. Thinking about the 1964 seaside clashes between Mods & Rockers with the inevitable arrival of the ‘old Bill’, we thought it would be fun to create a four-piece set comprising of the comic sounds ‘POW!’ [...]

The M-65 Parka

16th August 2017. The fishtail Parka was a military garment adopted by the Mods in the late 50s and early 60s. A practical, long and warm coat, ideal for wearing over smart suits whilst riding a scooter and bought cheaply from army surplus shops. The look was a symbol of youthful rebellion. Pete Meaden was [...]

The Biker Jacket

11th August 2017. The style of this leather biker jacket is very much based on the Schott NYC ‘Perfecto’ design that Marlon Brando wore in the 1953 film ‘The Wild One’. The quote on the back comes from an anonymous rocker interviewed at the BusyBee transport cafe on the A1 in the early 1960s and [...]

The Summer Courtyard Party

31st July 2017. Despite a big event on in Hackney Wick and typical British summer weather (chilly and drizzly rain), lots of people came to party. Friday’s Summer Courtyard Party was really good fun! . In fact it was very busy, music, smiles and laughter filled the Elements Gallery courtyard and the inside of the Lubomirov [...]


28th July 2017. We are setting up our new work today in preparation for this evening’s summer courtyard party (details at the end of post, just in case you have just joined us). There is a Mods and Rockers theme with the new work and also the party. Rhythm n Blues and Rock n Roll [...]

Back in the day…

27th July 2017. Apart from charging various iPods/iPhones and cameras we are all packed and ready for setting up tomorrow’s event. We’ve got our 50s/60s playlist on, you know, just to check it all sounds good (it does). So, I’m leafing through some old photos of my Dad, back in the day, looking rather dapper. I’m [...]

Throwing Moves not Deckchairs

25th July 2017. Back in 1964 the newspaper headlines were taking full advantage of the scuffles between the Mods & Rockers. The Press’s love of a moral panic especially during the Easter bank holiday and the long summer holidays (the latter referred to by journalists as ‘the silly season’), saw some tabloids exaggerate trouble between [...]