Opening Night

24th June 2017. The ‘seaside in Hackney’ arrived. We actually got it all completed on time with a new extension joining Elements Gallery to the Lubomirov Angus-Hughes Gallery being finished at 5.50pm (show opened at 6pm)! This new gallery area housed our ‘Penny Arcade’ painted pennies, which we call #pennydrops. I guess it wouldn’t be [...]

Love, Destiny and Sun

21st June 2017. It’s definitely beach weather here in London. Last Sunday we installed the big stuff, it was sweltering! But we were so lucky to have the help of a very good friend with excellent DIY credentials and a van big enought to hold our beach hut. Our dear friend even surprised us at [...]

One week to go

16th June 2017. It’s surprising just how much effort goes in to pulling an art event together. Just when you’ve crossed off five things from the to do list, another five get added. The whole process is all consuming but incredible at the same time. With one week to go until the opening, we still [...]

Sifting through the memories

26th May 2017. It’s a delightful thing to hear the treasured memories of others and it’s a significent moment when those cherished times are woven and formed in to something you can touch. We are the custodians of seaside recollections, we sew and we paint and we hope we’re doing them justice.